While we’ll have to wait until July 12 and the Ubisoft Forward event to get anything more official about Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, half an hour of leaked gameplay footage is doing the rounds should you feel the need to see what is labeled “WORK IN PROGRESS”, complete with NPCs standing around doing nothing in the middle of a fight and some animations that don’t look quite final.

Should you head over to Reddit to find links that haven’t been taken down yet, you’ll get to see a quest that involves uniting the folk of East Anglia to assault a castle held by one of the bad Vikings. Which you do with the aid of one of the good Vikings, who provides you with longships. While the interface, inventory, and much of the combat still seem a lot like Odyssey, there are some differences. Riding a horse through Northwic has a very Witcher 3 vibe to it, and I immediately flashed back to riding through Velen to see the Bloody Baron. There’s a cinematic camera option that’s a bit Red Dead Redemption, though it makes you bump into every other rider on the road—another sign this is early footage.

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