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What is it? A mythological Total War
Developer: Creative Assembly Sofia
Publisher: Sega
Reviewed on: GTX 1080Ti, Intel i7-8086K, 16GB RAM
Multiplayer? Yes
Link: Official site

The work never stops when you’re trying to organise a holiday to Troy with a bunch of your Greek mates. I just want to smash some walls, but I’ve got soldiers freaking out about bad omens, centaurs that need fed, petulant deities setting fire to shit like bored pyromaniac teens, and people pestering me endlessly about bronze they really don’t need. Get your own bronze, Achilles! A Total War Saga: Troy never lets up. 

With Thrones of Britannia, the previous Saga, Creative Assembly chipped away at systems and tossed out others, including agents, trade and military buildings, leading to a brisk, streamlined war. Troy, which is being steered by Creative Assembly Sofia, throws most of it back in—for better or worse. It’s a dense, complex conflict that’s a collision of old and new ideas, some of which are brilliant, while others probably needed a bit more time in the kiln. 

If you’ve read The Iliad, The Odyssey or any of the other epic Greek dramas that serve as Troy’s inspiration, you’ll know that everyone’s kind of a dick, especially the gods. Thanks to some divine meddling, this Orlando Bloom-looking arsehole runs off with Helen, the Spartan queen, and takes her back to the titular city, plunging the Aegean into a brutal war. Troy still lets you fight whomever you want, but everyone is ultimately gearing up for this big brawl between east and west.

(Image credit: Sega)

Each of the eight factions has its own narrative-driven epic quest, but victory only happens when you’ve destroyed your adversaries across the sea, something that will be a lot easier if you’ve wrangled your neighbours into a big alliance or swallowed them up through conquest or a confederation. It’s an all-encompassing conflict that leads to Troy being the most purposeful Total War I’ve ever played. While you’re getting ready for the big showdown, however, there are a lot of distractions. 

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