If you often find yourself itching for a challenge, you’ve likely turned to shoot-’em-ups and wave shooters that see you facing overwhelming enemy forces that will truly test your gaming prowess. From the Swiss-based Sunnyside Games, Towaga: Among Shadows is one of the latest games to offer up this type of thrill, and it does so with gorgeous, hand-drawn style to turn the frantic combat into a breathtaking visual experience.

(Image credit: Noodle Cake)

Towaga: Among Shadows will see you take the role of an Az’Kalar warrior named Chimù. In the game, you’ll be tasked with wielding the power of light to defend the temple of Towaga and battling against hordes of monsters from the Legion of Darkness. 

You’ll have to use your powers to destroy enemies big and small, eventually working your way to the ultimate enemy, Metnal the Voidmonger. To survive and save Towaga, you’ll have to master a combination of different skills and stand your ground as the enemies swarm from all sides, though you’ll occasionally take to the sky for some flight-based combat as well.

(Image credit: Noodle Cake)

Towaga: Among Shadows doesn’t just deliver intense gameplay, but also pairs that with exceptional visuals. The game includes detailed 2D art and animations that were drawn by hand. From Chimù and the Legion of Darkness to the various landscapes in the game, each is rendered in a captivating art-style inspired by animated movies. And, of course, let’s not forget the stunning effects on display for all of the many powers Chimù is capable of unleashing on the various foes you’ll encounter.

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