ABizzel17h ago

Crytek needs a completely new management team running them. They are lost and don’t know how to regroup. They have not been able to grow from the PS360 generation like some of the other 3rd party companies and competition they’ve had (namely Epic).

They sold the rights to Far Cry to Ubisoft, which was a huge mistake.

Crysis could have been big for them, but they turned it from an open-world shooter to a generic corridor shooter in Crysis 2, and they just couldn’t bounce back with Crysis 3 as they tried to focus more on the story, but the writing just wasn’t there.

Ryse….I actually enjoyed Ryse, but the XBO had a godawful Year 1 / Year 2 in PR, and as a result, the game didn’t find the a large enough audience. MS wanted to buy the rights, but Crytek didn’t sell it as they learned the hard way with Far Cry, however, they did nothing with the IP afterward which was a waste.

They’ve had other games, but nothing notable. The Hunt is actually a solid multiplayer shooter now, but it took a while to get there.

And now they’re re-releasing a remastered Crysis on Nintendo Switch, a platform that’s going to do absolutely nothing for them.

They need to pull a Ninja Theory and take a small team of creative individuals and allow them to make a unique and impressive low-cost game that offers a AAA experience. Crytek could have easily been another Epic and Ubisoft if they had better management, vision, and spent more time licensing their engine.

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