Showtime’s new Dexter revival is increasingly taking shape and starting production soon, with . As the new season that’s intended to give the series a proper sendoff is releasing more and more details, is reporting that a cast has finally been set.

Joining Michael C. Hall (who plays antihero Dexter) and Clancy Brown (who will be playing the new main villain)–also known as –will be Julia Jones (The Mandalorian), Alano Miller (Sylvie’s Love), Johnny Sequoyah (Believe), and Jack Alcott (The Good Lord Bird). The revival is a limited series that will span 10 episodes and is right after Dexter wrapped in 2013 without showrunner Clyde Phillips’ involvement.

“We basically do get to start from scratch,” Phillips said on a recent episode of The Hollywood Reporter’s TV Top 5 podcast. “We want this to not be Dexter Season 9.”

The revival series is expected to pick up close to 10 years after the finale and will “have no resemblance to how that original finale was.” However, Phillips has promised it will not retcon everything by insisting it happened in a dream, for example. But it’s safe to guess, for example, that Dexter is no longer a lumberjack in an Oregon logging camp. Jones’ casting choice offers the sole clue–she is playing Angela Bishop, the first Native American Chief of Police in her town in upstate New York.

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