Hearthstone’s 17.6 update has taken Demon Hunters down a peg once again, while very loosely acknowledging Control Warrior’s growing prevalence on the ranked ladder. In the same patch, Blizzard has also targeted cards with effects that lower the cost of other cards to zero mana. This has seen our dearest Dragonqueen Alexstrasza and Rogue’s Galakrond variant each take a nasty knock, raising the cost of the cards they discover and draw up to one mana. 

In keeping with this new trend, Mage’s Dragoncaster has also suffered an adjustment, although not quite in the same fashion. Blizzard has instead increased the cost of playing Dragoncaster rather than targeting your next spell, upping its cost from six to seven mana. While it aligns with the other adjustments in the update, I can’t help but feel that this is an unnecessary nerf for Highlander Mages.    

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