Peace may be rarer than potatoes in ancient China, but that won’t stop me from trying to play Total War: Three Kingdoms as something vaguely resembling a pacifist. My last attempt wasn’t smooth sailing. I may have started the game at war with the tyrant Dong Zhou and his vassal, the Han Empire, and I may have used this as an opportunity to expand my own borders. I also might have convinced my coalition partner Liu Bei to murder the son of a warlord named Tao Qian. But in my defence, Tao Qian murdered my faction leader Cao Cao’s father and then died before I could exact my revenge. As the saying goes ‘An eye for an eye always leads to peace’.

Fortunately, my latest attempt kicks off in more promising fashion. Dong Min, the adopted son of Dong Zhuo who assassinated the tyrant, assumed his power, and spent most of the early game trying to ‘vassalize’ my faction, finally makes Cao Cao a reasonable peace offer. Not only will Min end hostilities with us, he’ll pay us around 3,000 gold for the privilege. I could use a couple of new farms. Sold to the megalomaniac in the north! 

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