Need to know

What is it? A hero shooter based entirely on rocket launchers.
Reviewed on: RTX 2060, Ryzen 5 2600 3.4Ghz, 16 GB RAM
Expect to pay: $30
Release date: Out now
Publisher: EA
Developer: Final Strike Games
Multiplayer: 3v3 arena shooting
Link: Official site

I wish it weren’t so hard to find a mellow multiplayer shooter. All of my current favorites are hyper-competitive tactical games that tense up my entire body. I want more of the opposite—a laid-back shooter that goes down so smooth that eight matches can fly by before I know it. That’s definitely not what I thought I was getting into with Rocket Arena, a shooter that presents itself like yet another contender in an increasingly crowded pile of hero-based service games. It kind of is one of those, but it’s also a throwback to when shooters weren’t so cutthroat.

With a name like Rocket Arena, you might expect something similar to the original Quake mod, but the resemblance ends at rockets. This is a team-based shooter that’s really obsessed with those classic fire-propelled projectiles. Final Strike Games has essentially deconstructed the rocket launcher and crafted a tasting menu of its various interpretations. Not every hero shoots literal rockets, but the spirit of rockets is there throughout. Kayi’s crossbow? Sharp rockets with a long windup. Mysteen’s throwing cards? Magic bundles of burst-fire rockets. Boone’s blunderbuss? Sniper rockets! 

(Image credit: EA)

You hear the intoxicating crack of a bat as they soar out of the map like you’ve hit a home run.

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