Warframe is a weird game. It’s got a village full of indebted, once-human robots who store their human heads inside of their chest cavity. It’s got an infectious pimple that you can spread to other players or pop, using its juice to grow a pet monster, and it takes almost 50 hours before you reach the character creation screen. But Heart of Deimos, the new expansion which launches on August 25 and includes a new open world zone to explore, might just be one of Warframe’s weirdest updates yet.

Announced during Warframe’s TennoCon 2020 fan convention, Heart of Deimos explores the origins and mysteries of the Infested faction. On the surface, they might remind you a bit of The Flood from Halo, but the Infested are a lot weirder than gross zombies. The demo Digital Extremes showed packed in a lot of information—and a lot of weird stuff, too. I was constantly grossed out by what I was seeing, so I’ve gone ahead and rounded up some of the strangest (and coolest) things coming in Heart of Deimos. 

So what is Heart of Deimos? 

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