In a PC port that comes 13 years after it first released, Halo 3 holds up—including its campaign, its multiplayer balance, and the “best lineup of maps” in Halo’s history, as we mentioned in our review. The king of Halo 3’s objective maps is High Ground, an asymmetric base assault that sends the attacking team charging up a hill while the defenders guard a giant wall, raining down bullets and Spartan laser fire from above.

It’s the kind of map that you can play a hundred times without getting bored of it, refining your strategy on both attack and defense, with enough variety to keep any round from becoming predictable. One round the attackers may rush the control panel that opens up the front gate, making it possible to drive a dangerous Ghost straight into the back of the base. Another time they might use a one-off piece of equipment, a grav lift, to jump to the sniper tower on top of the wall and take the height advantage.

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