This year marks Worms’ 25th anniversary, and in that time it’s largely stuck to its tried and tested formula. There have been spin-offs and a detour into 3D, but picking up a new Worms game usually guarantees that it’s going to be a turn-based artillery romp with exploding environments and maniacal invertebrates. Worms Rumble promises a shake-up to get rid of some of the cobwebs, but I’m not convinced it’s the kind of shake-up the series needs. 

Making Worms a real-time affair seems sacrilegious, but I was genuinely quite excited to play a game of Worms where I had no idea what was going to happen. New territory, at last. And it’s not just real-time—it’s a 32-player deathmatch and battle royale deal. Awkwardly chasing trends sounds like a recipe for disaster, but I still had high hopes. Worms is always a laugh. I’m sure it will be fine, I thought to myself. 

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